The Best Bat Evictor One Way Door on the Pest Control Market.

One-Way Bat Door

The Bat Valve is a great Bat Evictor Tool to remove bats.

The Supreme Bat Evictor Device is The Bat Valve which manufactured in Dayton, Ohio.

If you notice bat activity in your home or attic, you need to hire a reputable bat evictor such as Dayton’s own Barnes Wildlife Control. Using the revolutionary humane bat valve which has years of field experience, makes the bat removal process utterly painless for all bats involved. Furthermore,  once the bat eviction is complete it can assure the safety of you and your family since the risk of rabies exposure from bats has been reduced. If a bat is found in your house be sure to have it tested by your local health department for your county.  To remove bats from homes and attics be certain to seal entry points with caulking and foam before installing the bat evictor device.

After the bat valve evictor has done its job kicking the bats out of the attic, sanitize the device to prevent spread of White Nose Syndrome. Then extract bat guano and sanitize the entire area afterwards. This ensures to make your home completely safe to inhabit once again. Common bat entry locations on the home are soffits, fascia, vents, and chimneys. Check out the Viking Product Supply online store to order you bat removal tool today! now to get bets out of your house quickly and safely using the Bat Evictor device!

What Makes the Bat Eviction Device “Humane”?

It is illegal to injure, maim, kill, or poison many of the common bat species in the state of Ohio and most other states across the nation . Importantly, you should note that licensed, professional bat evictors will always adhere to these state and federal regulations without exception. We take this responsibility as professional bat evictors to be of the utmost importance.  You as a consumer can use this criterion to vet the many bat removal services for hire in your area. Our pledge to uphold these laws as well as our reputation for providing next-level customer service makes us the single most qualified, humane bat evictor device manufacturer in the world. Below are some of the main characteristics to look for in a professional bat eviction service:

Licensed and insured to perform professional bat removals in your respective state or country.

Each member of the humane bat removal staff has several years of combined educational background and field experience in the realm of bat removals.

Has access to all necessary equipment including one-way bat valves, PPE, and any of the various tools necessary for performing sanitation and cleanup.

A sterling reputation in the communities serviced based on a history of handling bat removal jobs safely for you, your family, and all animals involved.

Why Do I Need a Bat Evictor Device like the one Viking Product Supply sells?

If you’ve noticed bats in your home or attic, it is imperative that you act quickly to remove them using bat eviction device. Be certain to respect the laws concerning the humane treatment of bats during removals. Our product is the single most qualified bat evictor ever made as its safe for the bats, easy to use, can be installed practically anywhere bats enter and exit a building, and is practically indestructible. We have sold thousands of these bat evictors over the past 3 years. The design hasn’t changed a bit and is the same as it was the day we released it to market. That only means one thing: we got it right the first time by putting in years of research and testing to make a great product for homeowners and professionals alike. If you have questions or would like to learn more search the site or contact our trained staff by phone.