What is a Bat Valve

The Bat Valve company produces the world’s best bat cone eviction device.  We invented, manufacturer, and distribute this new device to safely get bats out of homes and buildings and call it The Bat Valve.

This bat cone eviction device allows the homeowner, business owner, or professional installer an easier and more humane option for bat removal from buildings.  Inspiration for this product was to reduce stress to the bats and allow the end user a safer way to perform bat removal.  Here is a link to the different styles of bat cones website The Bat Cone and a few product features that make it a more humane and effective device when bats find themselves in unfortunate locations. The bat tube is approximately 12 inches in length and the inside material is ribbed so the bats can gain proper footing and toe holds for easy maneuvering through the valve. The Bat Valve tube is self-supporting and extendable to ensure proper positioning so bats can fly out without injury, and not re-enter the unwanted areas. If you determine a bat colony is living inside your attic and would like install a bat house, this Bat Conservation site has some great bat house options.

Bat Cone Eviction Device

This is an ideal location for the bat cone eviction device to be installed to get rid of attic bats

The Bat Valve is safer for bats and easier to install

The bat valve adapters attach to the bat tubes are large and funnel down into the bat tube.  This prevents bats from refusing to enter the device and the exit becoming lodged.  With other devices bats often get stuck as they scramble to exit the structure and perish, blocking exit for the other bats to exit.  The Bat Valve’s larger size and adapters prevent bats from becoming trapped and/or the exit hole becoming plugged with debris for a safe escape.  When the bats only exit route is blocked, the bats either perish inside the attic space, or find their way inside living quarters.  If bats are captured inside a dwelling, most times they are euthanized for rabies testing and we want to prevent this at all costs.  In conjunction with proper home sealing and exclusion, this this professional grade bat cone eviction device you will safely remove the bats in the house.