Bat Removal Device

Bat Removal Device with a 100% guarantee, designed for bat removal professionals and made in the US?  Look no further than The Bat Valve, the best Bat Removal Device on the market.

There are only a handful of proven bat removal devices on the market; but none better than The Bat Valve.

Bat Removal Device The Bat Valve

The most effective Bat Removal Device in the bat pest control industry.

Engineered to be the most versatile and effective bat eradication tool available.

The most common ways The Bat Valve can be used:

  • Bat Removal Device – Install over place bats are exiting the attic and the bats can leave but not get back into home.
  • Bat removal professionals – Used by hundreds of bat pest control experts
  • Bat removal product – For fast bat eviction, The Bat Valve is a great product
  • Bat tube – The self-supporting bat tube allows for optimal positioning to get rid of bats so they won’t return
  • Bat valve adapter – Once the structure is properly sealed of all bat entry gaps, the bat valve adapters easily install over the remaining gaps for humane bat removal
  • Live bat exclusion – No bats are injured or harmed using The Bat Valve
  • Bat exclusion device – After the house exclusion, these bat valves are needed to get the bats out.
  • Bat Cone –  another term used for one-way bat removal tools
  • Bat Extermination Product – Bats should never be exterminated, just evicted using one way doors like The Bat Valve. Bats are beneficial to the environment and there numbers are in decline due to White Nose Syndrome.

That’s quite a claim to make for any bat removal product given the amount of competition, but The Bat Valve delivers everything that bat removal professionals insist upon.  This is the one and only Bat Removal Device you need to use for a live bat exclusion.  Ideal for individuals or businesses, especially in the Wildlife and Pest Control industry, The Bat Valve is humane and effective.  It is also:

  • A quality product. Designed and tested by bat removal professionals, The Bat Valve is built to last, 100% guaranteed.  Made in the US, this sturdy, weather-proof Bat Removal Device also has a professional appearance.
  • The Bat Valve design incorporates a modular concept that handles the most common bat entry/exit points on any structure with ease.  The self-supporting bat tube will fit any of the three designs of the bat valve adapters.  Choose the adapter design that best suits the problem area – soffit returns/gable vents, corner gaps/awkward locations, ridge vents/frieze board gaps, even brick openings.  Affix the bat valve adapter to brick, wood, vinyl, metal or concrete, then thread on a bat tube and adjust it to achieve the best possible angle for a successful bat eviction. Photos of The Bat Valve Bat Removal Device can be found on this facebook page.
  • As part of any live bat exclusion, bat removal professionals value using a humane Bat Removal Device that works every single time in any location. The modular system with a choice of three bat valve adapters enables The Bat Valve to fit anywhere.  Just bend that bat tube to achieve the perfect angle placement!
  • Time saving. No other bat exclusion device is as quick and easy to install as The Bat Valve.  Choosing the right bat valve adapter design makes any live bat exclusion less complicated. Re-use the adapters and bat tubes too.
  • Cost-effective. Available online, each bat valve adapter order comes complete with a choice of design and self-supporting bat tube.  Having modular parts helps lower unit costs but discounts also apply for bulk orders. (SHOP link???)

Make The Bat Valve part of your next live bat exclusion or eviction.  No Bat Removal Device delivers better results. Designed for bat removal professionals by bat control experts!